100 of the Best Dad Jokes to Get Your Laughs Started

Dad jokes can be silly, corny and thoughtful – all at the same time. They’re often used to bond with your kids, and sharing a good dad joke is sure to get everyone laughing. Whether you’re looking for classics or new side-splitting puns to share with your family, here are 100 of the best dad jokes to get your laughs started.

A dad joke is a type of pun that’s intended to embarrass a person, and it can be told by a parent or any other authority figure. The jokes are usually based on poorly-written puns or embarrassing situations, and they are intended to make the person being laughed at cringe or feel embarrassed. The jokes are often told by a father or other parental figure, but they can also be used by friends or colleagues.

Unlike other types of humor, dad jokes are based on offensively lame puns and may be considered “low comedy.” The goal of a dad joke is to cause discomfort or embarrassment, and the humor in these types of jokes derives its power from causing the target of the joke to groan or laugh uncomfortably. Because of this, a lot of people find dad jokes to be boring or not funny at all.

However, some researchers have found that a dad joke’s ability to make people groan is a result of how it makes the joke-teller feel about himself. A researcher named Marc Hye-Knudsen has studied this phenomenon, and he has discovered that dad jokes are a type of “weaponised anti-humour.”

Hye-Knudsen’s research finds that when someone tells a dad joke, they’re not only trying to irritate their kids with their poor jokes, but they’re actually expressing their own feelings of self-worth. When a dad joke causes a person to groan, it shows that the joke-teller enjoys groans and ridicule and that they are not afraid of being embarrassed.

Aside from being a source of humor, a dad joke can also help children learn to be more resilient to embarrassing situations. In a study that compared the effects of dad jokes and other types of humor on young kids, the researchers found that children who were repeatedly exposed to eye-rolling puns developed a natural immunity to being judged or made to feel embarrassed. They also learned to be more independent and to set healthy boundaries. This is because they realized that their parents were not going to take away their toys if they were a little awkward or embarrassing. The same can be said for adults who are exposed to a lot of dad jokes throughout their lifetime.

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