Best MMA Sparring Gloves

When training MMA, a good pair of gloves is essential. They not only protect a fighter’s hands but also enhance their grip. They’re the most crucial piece of gear for any MMA fighter, from beginners to superstars, because they prevent injuries to their sparring partners and lengthen their fighting career.

Compared to boxing gloves, mma sparring gloves have thicker padding and are shaped differently. They are designed to accommodate clinch work and grappling drills as well as stand-up striking sessions. They feature breathable finger compartments and a hook & look closure on the wrist for a secure fit. Some of them even come with additional wrist and thumb protection.

The best MMA gloves are made of genuine leather. However, they are also available in synthetic leather if you don’t like animal products or are simply looking for something cheaper. Most of the best MMA gloves use a Velcro strap to keep them securely on your hand during training.

If you are a beginner MMA fighter, then you need a pair of gloves that are affordable and easy to break in. RDX MMA gloves are famous for their simple design and reasonable price tag. They are great for beginners and intermediates as they allow them to control the clinch, improve their grip strength and land strikes.

Another great MMA glove is the Fairtex FGV17. They are a bit smaller and lighter than the other two models and are better suited for grappling exercises. They have a curved pad to protect your knuckles from heavy shots and help you execute grappling moves on an opponent or a training dummy.Gants mma sparring

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