Billi Tap – The Latest Kitchen Must Have

Billi tap offers energy efficient filtered water options with advanced safety technology and a range of designer finishes. These systems are a practical alternative to kettles and water coolers.

Using a smart heat exchange system, they can operate only when needed and have a standby mode that cuts down energy costs. They can also be connected to a CO2 cylinder for sparkling water.
Boiling & Chilled Filtered Taps

The latest kitchen must have, these filtered boiling water taps dispense instant piping hot boiling water for tea and coffee and chilled filtered water for refreshment at the touch of a button. With advanced energy efficiency, they remove the need for a kettle and water coolers, saving time, space and money in your busy office or workplace.

Unlike Zip and other brands, Billi taps dispense only filtered water, reducing chlorine, cysts, heavy metals, sediment, odour and bad tastes and chemicals. This ensures all of the water you and your staff dispense is safe and clean for drinking and cooking.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, Billi taps have the perfect understanding of what Australian households need from their water systems. This is the key to why they deliver better energy efficiency and better water filtration than other brands. They are also water cooled so no ugly ventilation grilles need to be installed under your sink. Moreover, they are fully compliant with strict energy efficiency standards and are water-saving.

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