Converting Your EU Shoe Size to US Size

Shoe sizing can be confusing. Whether you’re shopping online or trying to determine your size in store, it can be helpful to have a handy conversion chart at hand.

For instance, if you’re looking to convert your US shoe size to Euro shoe sizes, simply add 31 to your U.S. size to find your European shoe size.
How to Measure Your Feet

Whether you’re shopping for shoes for yourself, or your kids, measuring and determining your shoe size is essential to a comfortable fit. And as we all know, our feet can change sizes throughout the years due to weight gain/loss, injury and many other factors.

The best way to measure your feet is with a pencil held vertically and a piece of paper. Place your foot on the paper while wearing a pair of socks. Trace around your foot making sure to mark the widest part of your foot. Repeat for the other foot.

Next, measure the length of your tracing with a ruler and write down the measurement in inches or centimeters. Then, use our sizing chart to determine your shoe size. Remember that if your foot measurements fall in between two shoe sizes, always choose the larger size to ensure comfort. Also, if one foot is wider than the other, be sure to take into consideration this when purchasing shoes.
US to EU Conversion Chart

If you’re shopping with international brands, especially those based in Europe or even the US, it’s always worth checking out their size conversion chart before making a purchase. It can help you avoid any surprises when it comes to sizing and make sure you’re buying the right item for your feet.

While many shoe stores equate each European shoe size to a UK/US shoe size for convenience, this is not accurate. Half sizes are not used in European shoe sizing and the gaps between each EU size are bigger than those between US & UK shoe sizes.

To convert your US shoe size to a European shoe size, simply subtract 31 from the women’s EU size and add 33 for men’s. However, keep in mind that European shoes tend to fit a bit smaller than US ones. Use this conversion chart as a guide and always try on shoes before purchasing them to get the best fit possible.
UK to EU Conversion Chart

Shoe sizing can be tricky because different brands use their own formula for size conversion. For example, Brooks, Saucony & Nike translate US shoe sizes into UK shoes with a full size difference while adidas, Hoka One One & New Balance convert their US sizes by adding a half-size to the original manufactured size.

When converting UK shoe sizes into EU shoe sizes, it’s important to remember that European shoe sizes are unisex, unlike the UK standard which distinctly distinguishes men’s, women’s & children’s shoe sizes. To convert a UK shoe size to an EU size, simply add 33 to the UK size.

Similarly, when converting EU shoe sizes into US shoe sizes, it’s important to remember the differences in metric measurements between the two countries. To convert a US shoe size to an EU shoe size, subtract 31 from the women’s EU size and for men, substract 33. These approximations will give you a good idea of your US shoe size compared to a European shoe size, but it’s best to always measure your feet with a ruler or tape measure to get an accurate measurement.
Men’s to Women’s Conversion Chart

Because men’s shoes are generally narrower than women’s shoes, knowing your shoe size can be useful for finding the right pair. In general, you can subtract 1.5 sizes from a women’s shoe size to find the equivalent men’s size. For example, a women’s size 9 shoe will fit most men’s sneakers in a US 8.5. This guideline can help you widen your options, especially if you’re shopping online and don’t have the luxury to try on a few pairs of shoes in person.

You can also use our handy chart to convert European shoes sizes to US sizing. This is particularly helpful if you’re buying shoes from countries that don’t follow the standard US sizing convention, such as Israel or New Zealand. Just remember that the conversion isn’t exact and that differences can vary depending on the brand. To get the most accurate results, try on a few pairs of shoes to see how they shoe size to us

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