Custom Socks Manufacturer(Best 4 Ways to Put Logo Via Manufacturing)

Adding your logo to your customized socks is one way to look stylish. When it comes to putting your logo on socks, there are several options. Your logo should be visible and have excellent aesthetics. You can use heat transfer custom socks manufacturer knitting, embroidery, printing, and rubber grip logos, among other methods.

Custom Socks: Designing Your Socks If you want to design your custom socks, you’ll need to understand sock manufacturing. Once you have the basics down, you can create unique socks that make people stop in their tracks. Start by choosing a material for your socks. You’ll need to consider the type of fabric that is best for the type of wear you intend to give them. For example, if you want to wear your socks while riding a bicycle, you’ll want to choose a durable fabricthat resists wear and tear.

Best 4 Logo to Put on Your Shoe through Manufacturing Process

  1. Heat Transfer Logo

Using heat transfer paper, the logo is first printed on a piece of paper using an inkjet or laser printer. A heat press is used to apply heat and pressure to the socks after the paper has been placed on the sock.

Usually, there is pressure regulation, varying between medium and high pressures. After the heating cycle is complete, the head of the transfer heat press is lifted, and the transfer is complete. Heat press papers can be divided into two types:

  • Light / clear heat press papers:  for white or light grey colored socks
  • Dark / opaque heat press papers: for colored socks


  1. Knitted Logo

Knitted logos are created with computer-controlled needles and optical sensors. During this process, the logo is knitted into the fabric of the socks. Depending on your socks, the custom socks manufacturer will customize your digitally submitted logo design.

Our Story The idea for Biz Socks came from a simple desire to make socks more personal and affordable for men. The digital imprinting process can be repeated multiple times as many times as you need. Embroidered logos are created by sewing a graphic design directly onto a piece of clothing. When you order embroidered apparel, you will receive proof of approval prior to embroidering the garment. Screen-printed logos are created by printing a graphic design directly onto a piece of clothing. When you order screen-printed apparel, you will receive proof of approval before printing.

  1. Printed Logo

The socks are printed on a piece of specialty paper (sublimation paper in this case) and then sublimated. The process of sublimation printing is similar to that of heat transfer paper. However, there is a difference in the science of sublimation.

Ink sublimation is usually a solid that turns to gas when heated. After embedding on the fabric of the socks, the gas goes back into the solid-state and remains part of the fabric. Therefore, there is no layer on top of the fabric where the logo is printed, so there is no difference in feeling between the logo and the rest of the socks.

  1. Embroidered Logo

A custom socks manufacturer embroiders a logo into the fabric of the socks. As long as the socks last, they will ensure durability and last a long time. The fabric should be thicker. Despite being a bit pricey, the designs are cost-effective because of their longevity.

Business owners use embroidery to personalize their garments. Logos embroidered on garments give them a more solid feel, making them look more professional. Thus, it is recommended for garments that are meant to last.

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