Full House Cleaning Services

House cleaning services are a great option when you need help with your home’s cleanliness. They can tackle deep cleans, event cleanups and move-in/move-out cleanings. Cleaning companies have rates that are higher than independent cleaners, but they usually offer guarantees and backup and are more likely to be flexible with last-minute schedule changes.
Residential Cleaning

Residents often turn to full house cleaning services when they want their homes to stay clean. These services offer regular basic cleaning sessions or deeper, detailed cleans, like removing carpet stains or scrubbed walls. Some cleaning companies may also offer special services, such as window washing or vacuuming out the refrigerator.

Customers can find a local cleaner by asking neighbors, checking online recommendations and searching for local services. Cleaning companies can have standardized pricing models and typically carry insurance, bonding and background checks for their employees. However, homeowners and renters can find individual house cleaners who charge less but don’t offer the same assurances or a set schedule.

Independent house cleaners also require a fair amount of equipment, such as a vacuum, broom and mop, as well as cleaning supplies, such as disinfectants, vinegar and clean water. They can often save money by bringing their own supplies. These can include reusable cloths, a bucket for clean and dirty water, and a set of rubber gloves.
Commercial Cleaning

Businesses that deal with a lot of foot traffic need cleaning services on a regular basis. Commercial cleaners are experts at sanitizing facilities on a larger scale and have the equipment to handle the kind of mess you won’t find in residential homes.

These professionals may take out the trash, mop floors, sanitize bathrooms and kitchens, and clean work spaces and reception areas. They may also offer disaster cleaning and restoration.

Customers should check whether a cleaning company is licensed and insured. A professional business should have insurance that covers their own expenses and workers’ compensation. It should also have a backup crew available for holiday periods and staff illnesses.

Customers can hire an independent cleaner, but they need to know that this person will not have the backing and guarantee offered by a cleaning company. These cleaners will usually charge less but they will not be able to offer the same level of service and insurance cover.
One-Time Cleaning

A one-time cleaning can help rid a home or office of dust, grime and other buildup. A cleaning company can also focus on specific areas of the house, such as the kitchen and primary bathroom, or can offer a deep clean of the entire space. A one-time cleaning can be a useful service for new homeowners or renters who are moving into a space that has been neglected, and it can also be helpful to prepare an area before an event or party.

Customers should look for a cleaning company that is licensed and bonded. This ensures that the company is operating legally and that it will be held accountable for any theft or damage. Larger cleaning companies often have standardized pricing and provide guarantees and backing, along with performing background checks on their cleaners. They may be more expensive than individual cleaners, but they offer convenience and peace of mind.
Deep Cleaning

A deep cleaning involves going beyond standard wiping surfaces, vacuuming and dusting. It focuses on scrubbing the dirtiest areas of the house, which often include kitchen cabinets, nooks and crannies, baseboards and behind appliances. It also includes sanitizing the bathroom and kitchen surfaces. This service is typically offered once a year or twice a year by most cleaning services.

The size of the home is a big factor in the cost of a deep clean, as cleaners must spend more time on larger homes. Depending on the company, they may charge by the hour or have a minimum number of rooms cleaned per visit.

Residents can save money by decluttering the home and making sure any items that need to be stored are out of sight before cleaners arrive. It’s also helpful to make a list of priorities or tasks for the cleaners to do, as this helps them stay on budget. It can help to get a few quotes from cleaning services before hiring one.

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