How to Get an Inactive Instagram Username 2022

If you have an inactive Instagram account, chances are that you’re not using it. You may have stopped posting there, or maybe you’ve just been ignoring it. If so, here is how to get back your inactive Instagram username. Why Do People Stop Using Their Instagram Account? There are many reasons why people stop using their Instagram accounts. Sometimes it’s because they simply forget to use it for a while, while other times, it could be because of something bad that happened.

Whatever the reason is, we hope this guide helps you get back your inactive Instagram username. Get Back Your Inactive Instagram Username If you’re using your Instagram account passively, you may have trouble getting back your inactive Instagram username. You may have decided to leave the platform, which prompted you to try and get your username back. If you’re using your Instagram account in a very passive way, you may find yourself having trouble getting back your inactive Instagram username.

Is It Possible to Get an Inactive Instagram Username?

The process of claiming an Instagram username can be challenging. In order to claim an inactive account’s username after another user quits logging in, some rules and workarounds need to be followed. Users of Instagram cannot claim a username by filling out a form; it simply isn’t possible. The good news is that Instagram does purge inactive accounts. The problem may be that you don’t have time to wait. This article explains all the options you have for obtaining an Instagram username.

Why Claiming Is Difficult When a user leaves Instagram and chooses to delete their account, Instagram must remove that username from the site. It doesn’t matter how many followers or posts the account has. Instagram will not leave any username available after the account is deleted. This means that the only way to get the username back is if you follow the steps below. How to Claim an Inactive Instagram Username If you want to claim an inactive username, then you will need to do the following:

How to Buy an Instagram Username

The price of a good username varies greatly, ranging from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars on secondary markets.

Most often, those who staked out their accounts in the early days make money selling names. They have the foresight to pick usernames that other people or businesses will eventually want.

A name can become valuable after a movie, show, or album is released. In a flash, ‘BigBangTheory’ went from being a great account for students to be one of the most sought-after accounts. It may be possible to obtain the username if the profile becomes “inactive.”

You should only buy an Instagram username from a reputable source if you plan to purchase one. Hundreds of accounts were banned from Instagram in 2021 due to stolen usernames. Unsuspecting users were sold usernames confiscated from innocent account owners by hackers.

Getting in Touch with them via Location

The owner might not be around just because the account is inactive. You may find that they are happy to sell you their old profile. It may be challenging to get in touch with them, however. Instagram’s Direct Message feature allows you to send a message directly. It’s possible, however, that they won’t see your DM for quite some time if they aren’t active on Instagram. It might be possible to find out more information about the account by checking its bio. In this case, you should look for a few things. It is not uncommon for people to include their contact e-mail address or the URL of their personal website in their bio. It’s likely that your quest has already been successful if that’s the case.

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