Jewellery Polishing Cloth

Keep your jewellery clean and sparkling with our professional polishing cloth. These large cloths are impregnated with rouge which is ideal for cleaning gold jewellery.

Simply rub your jewellery with the rouge infused side of the cloth to buff out scratches and dents in the metal. If the scratches are too deep you may need to take it into a jeweler to have them professionally polished out.

Cleans and polishes

These non-toxic polishing cloths remove tarnish, fingerprints, and body oils from Gold, Silver and Brass jewellery. The specialist cleaners also inhibit oxidation and keep jewellery looking shiny. Gently wipe your jewellery until you achieve the desired shine.

If your jewellery is heavily tarnished we recommend using Priory’s metal cleaner before you use the polishing cloth. This will ensure you get a really fine and shiny finish without any etching on your jewellery.

Some jewellery stores use ultra sonic tanks to clean large quantities of silver – these are very effective at getting into all the crevices on cast pieces but for individual items we wouldn’t recommend it. The problem is that if you soak the jewellery for too long it will start to corrode and go black, not good.

Removes tarnish

Silver polishing cloths are impregnated with special cleaners and anti-tarnish agents that remove tarnish and give a shiny finish. They’re safe to use on new and antique silver and silver plated pieces.

These cloths can be laundered, but you should never wash a pretreated silver polishing cloth with other items, such as laundry or baby diapers. The tarnish-cleaning compounds woven into the cloth can be damaged by detergents and other household cleaning chemicals.

Some people like to remove all tarnish from their silver jewellery and homewares, but some prefer to leave on a little patina and enjoy the contrasting appearance. It’s a personal preference; either way, the jewellery can be cleaned regularly using a silver polishing cloth. If you do choose to polish your jewellery, always wipe the piece clean before putting it away, and wrap it tightly in plastic kitchen wrap to keep the air off of it. This will help prevent the majority of tarnishing.

Removes scratches

Using special polishing cloths that are readily available at the market, gold jewellery can be easily buffed to remove light scratches and spots. However, if the scratches are deeper it is best to have them polished by a professional.

This particular cloth is a rouge cloth which means that it has a special polishing compound incorporated in it – this makes it very effective at removing most of the tarnish on gold jewellery and gold-plate items. It is also one of the largest of its kind at 12x15inche and made from the finest cotton which is durable, non-toxic, and safe for use with all jewellery metals.

It is easy to use and works on all types of jewellery including sterling silver, copper, brass, glass, and enamel. Just rub gently until you get the shine that you want. This is a great addition to any jewellery cleaners kit. It will keep your jewellery looking like new for a long time.

Removes fingerprints

Having a jewellery polishing cloth handy is always a good idea, whether you’re cleaning pieces during a repair job, drying your jewelry after rinsing or simply keeping one on hand to remove fingerprints from your beautiful jewels. Unlike other cleaning cloths, these non-staining cloths are impregnated with gentle chemical cleaners and micro-abrasives to safely clean your precious metal jewellery.

They can also be used to wipe away any residue from a previous jewellery cleaner, such as our Ionic Cleaner, without damaging your gemstones. They are also perfect for giving your jewellery a final polish and high-luster buff after cleaning in an ultrasonic cleaner.

Each Sunshine Polishing Cloth is non-staining, safe and easy to use. Do not wash, as this will remove the special cleaning agents and cause the cloth to darken faster. It will last for several years with regular use.

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