Men’s Clothing Basics

Menswear brands like Club Monaco take your essential wardrobe and give it a spruce, using premium fabrics that will keep you looking polished effortlessly. Then there are those that prioritize durability, like American Giant, which makes all its clothes in the US for a closer eye on quality.

And then there are those that prioritize classic designs in soft modern fabrics – Florence, Alabama’s Billy Reid has your back when it comes to oxford shirting and selvedge denim.


A well-rounded wardrobe begins with the right men’s clothing basics. The more versatile pieces you own, the more outfit options they create within your closet. This makes them a smart investment. In addition, they are less likely to go out of style or need to be replaced as often as trendier items.

Men should stick to stylish brands that make high-quality clothes at reasonable prices they can afford to wear long-term. The likes of Todd Snyder and Everlane are examples of brands that do this well, delivering quality standards that belie their price tags.

Men should also consider getting quality-made jeans. Straight jeans are a far better fit than skinny ones and flatter most body types. They are also more comfortable than tight jeans. Moreover, shopping for men’s clothing online is convenient and time-saving. You can browse through multiple product catalogs at the comfort of your home without having to go from one store to another.

Dressing for the occasion

Often, it’s hard to know what kind of outfit to wear when you receive an invite to an event. If you want to be stylish and elegant, you can wear a skirt and blouse or dress pants and blazers. For semi-formal events, you can choose to wear a midi skirt and a silky shirt or blouse. Add a pair of strappy heels to complete your look.

Men can also wear a dark suit with a white shirt and bow tie. They should avoid wearing jeans, tennis shoes, or cotton shirts for these events. They should also make sure their clothes are well pressed and have no wrinkles.

If you’re attending a birthday party, it’s a good idea to go with casual but stylish attire. You can wear a light-colored suit with a bright-colored tie, or you can opt for a casual blazer paired with a blue plaid button-up shirt and tan chinos. If the event is held at a religious facility, you should wear something conservative.


Adding accessories is the way to spice up your wardrobe. It is also a good way to make your outfits feel more authentically you. However, it is important to remember that less is often more. Having too many accessories can make your look overbearing and tacky.

Shoes are one of the most important accessories for men. They should always be polished and fit well. Leather is best for most occasions, while fabric straps are appropriate for casual wear. Sandals should only be worn in very casual or beach situations.

After the end of World War II American men started to stray from the high standards and basic principles of fine dress established in the thirties. This was due to the economy improving and businessmen traveling for work and broadening their horizons culturally and aesthetically. Men embraced styles like wide lapels and wide legged trousers, argyle socks and bold colored neckties. Some men even wore three-piece suits.

Personal style

After the end of World War II, men began to stray away from the strict standards and basic principles of fine dress. In addition, many began to travel more, broadening their horizons culturally and aesthetically. This gave rise to styles like wide lapels on three-piece suits and flared trousers. Neckties grew wider and bolder, and shirt collars became long and pointed in the fashion of disco funk.

Today, the notion of masculinity is shifting in response to our generation’s liberal beliefs on identity and fluidity. It is not uncommon for women to wear a suit originally intended for men, and the blurring of gender aesthetics is evident across all tiers of fashion.

When building your wardrobe, it is essential to have a few classic items that can serve as your base. These basics include a great fitting pair of jeans, an everyday jacket (like a blazer or bomber), non-denim pants, and a selection of T-shirts and dressier tops that match with the bottoms you’s bamboo clothing

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