Michael Kors Bags For Women

If you are looking for a stylish bag for women, then look no further than Michael Kors bags. The American designer has built his namesake label into one of the most recognizable brands in fashion. His designs offer a sense of uptown style that exudes sophistication.

Harrods explains that customers respond to the glamorous lifestyle the brand symbolizes. His diffusion line, MICHAEL, channels New York style with supple leathers and relaxed shapes.


Designed to make a statement, new arrivals from Michael Kors are sure to impress. Discover everything from of-the-moment tie-dye and of-the-moment sneakers to sleek dresses that are perfect for a night on the town. Complement your look with a designer handbag from the brand that radiates uptown style. From supple leathers and relaxed shapes in the main line to the laid-back downtown collection, diffusion brand MICHAEL Michael Kors effortlessly interprets timeless glamour and polished elegance. Choose the ‘Jet Set Travel’ tote with gold-tone logo hardware or the ‘Rhea’ backpack in soft pastels for everyday chic.

Shop the full range of designer bags for women, from structured tote bags and wallets to compact wristlets and crossbody purses in a wide array of colors and fabrics. Browse classic neutrals like black or brown or go bold in modern hues like soft pink or dove gray. A satchel or doctors bag is great for work while a crossbody adds sophistication to your evening look.


Whether you’re looking for a backpack for everyday use or something larger for travel, Michael Kors has the perfect bag for you. The Slater Medium Logo Stripe Backpack is crafted from durable coated canvas decorated with the brand name and a wide stripe down the center of the bag. It also features a comfortable webbing crossbody strap and plenty of storage space.

The relaxed downtown sister to the uptown main line, diffusion brand MICHAEL Michael Kors effortlessly interprets classic New York glamour. Expect supple leathers and relaxed silhouettes in timeless shapes, from the ‘Jet Set Travel’ tote to the ‘Rhea’ backpack.

The brand understands that not everyone has the same taste when it comes to fashion, so they try to bridge the gap between high-end luxury and affordability. The result is a collection that has been worn by celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Nicole Kidman, and Michelle Obama and coveted by fashion lovers everywhere. Michael Kors bags are a great way to add a touch of luxury to any outfit.


Michael Kors bags are made from a variety of materials. Some are 100% Saffiano leather, while others use a combination of real and synthetic materials. Regardless of which material you choose, you should check the serial number to ensure that it is authentic. This will help you to avoid purchasing a fake purse.

Another telltale sign of a genuine bag is the logo hardware. It should be heavy and substantial, and not look like cheap coated plastic. Also, the enlarged logo should be precisely cut with sharp edges and evenly spaced letters. Inauthentic logos usually stand out more from the leather, while genuine ones are engrained in the leather and perfectly centered.

In addition to the logo, check the hardware on the handle for four even and proportional stitches underneath it. Knock-offs usually have a different pattern of stitching or none at all. A genuine bag should be stamped with the “MK” mark, which is a circle emblem with the name of the brand inside it.


A great bag can make or break your outfit, and MK bags are a perfect balance of simplicity and sophistication. They’re also a great way to upgrade your look without breaking the bank. But with so many fake MK bags out there, how can you know if you’re buying the real deal?

A genuine MK bag should be made from a high-quality material, like Saffiano leather. It’s a type of calf leather that is long-lasting and durable. It’s also water and scratch-resistant. If you’re shopping for a MK bag, check the tag to see where it was made. Most authentic MK bags are made in China, but some are also produced in Italy, Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Korea.

If you’re not sure if a Michael Kors bag is legit, look for these telltale signs: The handle hardware should have rounded edges and be stamped with the MK logo. The hardware should also feel hefty and well-made. michael kors bags for women

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