One Bernam Condo – A New Urban Lifestyle in Tanjong Pagar MRT Station

The Bernam Condo is an upcoming mixed development in the Anson precinct, a short walk to Tanjong Pagar MRT Station and upcoming Prince Edward Road MRT Station. This new condo is a perfect choice for those who seek to live an urban lifestyle with a host of amenities, F&B, retail shops and much more within easy reach.

The name Bernam is a Malaysian word that means “to bring joy,” and those who carry this name are often generous, thoughtful and warm. They are exceedingly domestic, and they work hard to make their home and family comfortable and secure. They are also naturally caring individuals, and they may sacrifice their own needs to help those around them.

They enjoy challenges and rivalry, and they are realists with visionary planning skills. Those with the name Bernam have limitless potential, and they will not rest until they achieve their goals. They will not stop until they have surpassed the competition, and they are a trailblazer in whatever they do.

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