Pressure Washing Vs Power Washing

Power washing is a great option for removing dust, dirt, mud, and debris from a variety of outdoor materials. However, there are certain surfaces that need to be handled with care as high-pressure water can damage paint or softer materials.

Commercial spaces get dirtier quicker and require regular pressure washing to keep the building looking new and to prevent mildew, mold, moss, and other contaminants from growing on the exterior walls.
Power and Pressure Washing

Power and pressure washing are two of the most popular deep cleaning treatments, but they work very differently. When you choose to power wash your home or business, you’re choosing to have heated water blasts from a surface cleaner at high PSI (pressure per square inch).

Unlike the regular temperature of normal water, this powerful water is better equipped to remove things like mold, mildew, salt, grime, and grease from surfaces. It’s also the ideal way to get rid of tough stains from your concrete driveway, outdoor patio, or garage floor.

The only areas of your home or commercial space that should be power washed at full force are those made from concrete. Otherwise, you should opt for the soft washing method so that you don’t damage any fragile exterior materials. For the best results, have your surface cleaned by a professional who knows how to use a power washer correctly. They’ll be able to provide you with the right amount of pressure for each surface and ensure that it won’t damage your home or office.
Concrete Cleaning

Concrete surfaces can take a lot of abuse, but they are not immune to dirt and grime. Whether they are in the basement, garage or across primary living spaces, regular maintenance is critical to extend their life and protect them from unsightly stains.

Keeping up with cleaning concrete surfaces is easy if you have the right tools at your disposal. For instance, a standard bucket of hot soapy water can help remove oil and mildew from concrete floors. Other solutions include white vinegar for rust spots and charcoal for pet stains. However, before using these or any other cleaning chemicals, you should corral any outdoor pets and cover nearby plants to avoid damage.

Moreover, acidic pH cleaners like muriatic acid are effective for removing mineral stains such as calcium and efflorescence from textured concrete surfaces. These cleaners can also brighten concrete, restoring its original look. To avoid damaging concrete with these acids, you should wear rubber boots and work gloves when handling them.
Home Exterior Cleaning

Keeping your home’s exterior clean isn’t just about winning the neighborhood’s “prettiest house award.” Maintaining a consistent cleaning schedule helps prolong the life and enhances the curb appeal of your windows, roof, porch, siding, gutters, and garage doors.

Unfortunately, just hosing down your home’s exterior surfaces with high-powered water can actually damage these materials. If the pressure is too strong, it can shred wood, crumble brick, etch glass, and gash stucco.

Additionally, high-pressure washing is not effective in killing mold, mildew, algae, and moss. Instead, soft washing uses cleaning solutions that can kill these microorganisms at a molecular level, which not only removes them from the surface, but also prevents them from returning. Unlike traditional power washing, soft washing can safely be used on most exterior materials, including vinyl, fiberglass, brick, and even wooden decks. The nozzle on the pressure washer can be adjusted to customize the intensity of the water and achieve the perfect balance between power and safety.pressure cleaning near me

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