The Reserve Residences

The Reserve Residences is a thoughtfully curated integrated development with transport hub featuring 1- to 5-bedroom luxury residences, serviced apartments, and public spaces. Located in the Beauty World neighbourhood, it seamlessly connects to transport networks and nature attractions.

The first experiments in reserves were products of a colonial effort to civilize Aboriginal Peoples by introducing them to agriculture, Christianity and a sedentary lifestyle based on private property. Although the original intent of reserves was to help Aboriginal communities adapt to the white world, many people today choose not to live on reserves. A recent survey found that 57 per cent of self-described First Nations peoples who have treaties with the Crown live off reserve.

Those who do live on reserves face significant challenges. A comparison of incomes for on-reserve North American Indians and people who live in a nearby city, shows that incomes are far lower. Education levels are also significantly lower, and unemployment rates are higher. In the long run, this has a profound impact on quality of life.

One of the biggest issues facing people living on reserves is a lack of adequate housing. The rate of new home construction has not kept pace with a fast-growing population, leading to extreme overcrowding and health concerns like mould. Homes are often poorly constructed and are not suited to their environment, resulting in high costs for repair and maintenance. Despite these challenges, there is a growing movement to bring new and better options to reserves.

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