Troi “Star” Torain

Imagine if you could buy a roller coaster ticket and then strap yourself into a seat that was designed for your safety. The attendant would then make sure you’re secure and tell you that you’re about to go on an adrenaline pumping, stomach-dropping ride. That’s basically what you get when you tune into Troi “Star” Torain’s YouTube show.

The show is hosted by a man who has made it his mission to transform the world of media and hip hop. He does this by bringing a sense of objectivity to his broadcasts and refusing to fall into the trap of herd mentality or collectivism. His channel’s subscribers are degree-holders, homeowners, and make a decent living. Despite that, trolls still prey upon him and his audience. But what makes Mr. Torain different from other YouTube broadcasters is that he has no time for dumb shit and will respond to it with aplomb.

Troi “Star” Torain is the host of a popular YouTube show that discusses hip hop culture and the latest celebrity gossip. He is a straight-talking radio veteran who has been on the airwaves for over 10 years. During this time, he has amassed a huge following for his frank commentary and unrelenting critiques of the culture that many in hip hop glorify.

His podcast is filled with regulars like Craig, who has cerebral palsy, and Houston, a rapper from, you guessed it, Houston. He also has a female co-host, Boss Ronnie, who brings a fiery spirit to the show. She’s a great compliment to the unfiltered flow that Mr. Torain delivers.

Aside from discussing the latest hip hop trends and news, Mr. Torain also discusses other current events such as the recent controversies surrounding rap icon Jay Z. He has a surprisingly in-depth understanding of the man and has called him out on some of his less than stellar behavior.

Another topic that is often discussed on the show is police brutality. The host has a strong stance against the police and regularly shares videos that showcase some of New York’s finest officers in their most despicable moments. He’s also the founder and CEO of The Snitch Network, a non-profit organization that works to improve relations between civilians and law enforcement.

After Joe Budden left Everyday Struggle, Complex had no problem finding a replacement in the form of veteran radio personality Troi “Star” Torain. The New York native is no stranger to controversy and has been known to start beefs with rappers such as The Game. He’s even gone so far as to hurl racial slurs at a fellow radio host.

Torain’s departure from the show isn’t as messy as it might seem. He’s been quite clear that he wanted to leave but needed to go through the legal process to get a release. He’s also refrained from releasing the emails that were reportedly exchanged between himself and Complex’s lawyer.troi torain

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