Types and Styles of Sweaters

A sweater is one of the most versatile garments in your closet. It can be worn to dress up jeans or casual pants, or as a layering piece for cold-weather activities with the family. Sweaters come in every color and design, so there’s one to match your style. Whether you’re shopping for a classic cashmere cardigan or looking to update your closet with a wool shearling pullover, the options are endless.

Originally, sweaters were purely functional clothing. They were knitted from natural materials with a high lanolin content, which helped to repel sea spray. This made them popular with fishermen who needed warm, comfortable and durable clothes. The popularity of sweaters increased during the 1920s and 1930s as women became more active, and there was a movement towards less restrictive clothing called “rational dress”.

There are many types of sweaters, some of which have evolved for fashion purposes, such as the Aran and Fair Isle sweaters that feature intricate, vividly patterned designs. These designs are created in the Shetland Islands using a technique known as in-the-round knitting, where multiple colors are used for different rows.

Another fashionable type of sweater is the cowl neck. This type of sweater features a drooping neckline that can be worn open or closed, with a wide range of styles to choose from. The hoodie sweater is similar, but it has a hood built into the neckline. There are also shawl collar sweaters, which have a rolled neck that can be crossed or uncrossed.sweaters

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