Wearing a Steampunk Choker

The Steampunk movement combines the romantic Victorian period with the industrial age. It’s a time that’s full of discovery and new technology, but also full of arts and beauty.

The Steampunk style aims to merge those two feelings in clothing, home decor and jewelry. This is a do it yourself movement that allows for the creation of unique and creative pieces of art.


Steampunk jewelry combines the fantasy of Victorian England with the futuristic technology that is featured in science-fiction writing set in this era. It evokes a time when steam power was in use and mad scientists and time-travelers ruled the world.

If you are looking for a great accessory to wear with your outfit, a steampunk choker is the perfect option. Its design is enchanting and it will make you feel like you are part of an extraordinary world.

When making a steampunk necklace, it is important to consider the materials used in its construction. It can be made of natural stones or beads but you should also consider using tiny radio components and clockwork gears to add more detail.

Other materials that are commonly used to make steampunk jewelry include metal findings and chains, charms and cameos. You can even incorporate jet or other rich stones that were more common in Victorian England. Black beads are another great addition to the look.


Steampunk is an eclectic movement that combines the romantic feelings of Victorian England with modern technology. It’s a great choice for those who are looking to wear something unique and out-of-the-ordinary.

Creating jewelry in the style can be tricky, but there are some basics you can follow to make your designs stand out. Try incorporating metal findings and chains (in brass or copper-colored metals), charms and cameos, or use old wire springs, watch parts and other mechanical bits.

You can also incorporate a variety of other materials into your designs to get the look you want. Lace and ribbon, velvet, and other textiles, can be used to create a feminine yet rugged look.

You can even repurpose odds and ends from your tool box, attic or craft room to add to your jewelry design. Just spread your findings out and begin mixing them with other items to see what works best for you! It’s a fun and rewarding way to get your creative juices flowing!


Chokers are one of the most common styles to make in steampunk jewelry. They’re also a great way to get creative.

To begin designing a choker, spread out the items you’re likely to use – lace trims, buttons, typewriter keys, reclaimed vintage charms – and see how they look together on a table. Then, try mixing and matching them with other elements to create a unique steampunk piece that suits your style and taste.

Whether you’re a fan of Victorian fashion or old school industrial technology, there’s something alluring about steampunk jewelry. The genre’s impossibly complicated machinery and brass fittings meld with old-timey clothes to create an alternate universe.

Using old skeleton keys, watch parts and other bits of metal ephemera that would otherwise be trash is a common practice for those who love the style of steampunk. It’s a satisfying process, because it’s not only an artful use of these pieces, but also a way to show off what you’ve managed to salvage from the junk bin.


Steampunk fashion is a trend that draws inspiration from Victorian England and the American Wild West. It usually involves combining modern clothes with elements of the Victorian era. It may also include accessories that reflect the technology and aesthetics of those eras.

One style of Steampunk jewelry is based on old-fashioned metal findings and chains. This jewelry can be made from brass or copper, and it often includes charms and cameos.

Another style of Steampunk jewelry is influenced by the gothic era and focuses on black. This jewelry can be crafted from fabrics like lace and velvet, and it uses black beads and components for decoration.

Steampunk fashion is a genre of speculative fiction that asks, “What if were invented in the 1800s?” This style combines historical settings and visual storytelling with an alternative history that is based on steam-powered engines and ornate fashion. Its influence is seen in film, music, art, and fashion.

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