What Are Accessories?

Accessories are supplementary items that complete or add functionality to an item, such as a camera lens cover or a purse strap. They can also be used to express personal style and can be as functional or fashionable as the main item they are attached to.

In fashion, accessories are the finishing touches that pull an outfit together and can make or break a look. A simple pair of jeans and white shirt can be easily transformed with the right accessories to suit a range of occasions from casual to formal. The perfect bag, hat or shoes can be the difference between a look that’s on trend and one that is dated.

A wide variety of accessories can be found in shops and online, from handbags to jewellery and hats to belts. Many of these can be worn by both men and women. Some are decorative, while others have practical uses such as protecting against the sun or carrying belongings when travelling. Others have more emotional significance, such as a turban for Indians, keffiyeh for Arab men, hijab for Muslim women, or gele for Nigerian women.

A defining characteristic of accessories is that they can be paired with almost any clothing item. Accessories don’t require as much storage space as clothing, making them an ideal addition to a closet, especially for minimalists who may only have a small number of clothing pieces. They are great for adding colour to a monochromatic outfit and can even help a neutral palette to appear more vibrant. They are also a great way to express a personality and can be the perfect conversation starter.

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