What Is Sex Therapy?

When a person or couple is having trouble communicating effectively, sex therapy can help. Sex therapists use talk therapy, sometimes known as psychotherapy, to help people learn to express their feelings and address sexual concerns. Often, sex therapy includes activities and exercises for the clients to do at home.

During the initial session, the therapist will ask about the client’s health and sexual history, their beliefs about sex, and the issues that have brought them to sex therapy. It can be uncomfortable to discuss these topics, but sex therapists are trained to make their clients feel comfortable. They can also provide tools and techniques for couples to improve their communication skills, work through issues such as sex desire discrepancies, and build more intimacy.

Many people who go to sex therapy are having problems in their current relationships. Some may have gone through a divorce, a break-up, or the end of a long-term relationship. They may be struggling with the loss of intimacy in their current relationship or they may have difficulty expressing their sexual feelings.

In individual sex therapy, the therapist will often focus on helping the client build confidence with their own body and their sexual feelings. They will usually start by asking the client about their health and sexual history, and then they will examine their past traumas that have impacted their behavior in intimate relationships. It’s important to find a therapist that you trust and feel comfortable with, as this is essential to your success in therapy.sex addiction therapy

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