What to Expect From Online Tutoring Sessions

Online tutoring sessions are a great solution for students who require some extra help outside of school, especially with preparing for tests and exams. Whether it’s a summer reading skills program, after-school skill reinforcement or shoring up algebra skills, online tutoring can be customized to suit your child’s needs.

It is essential to ensure that you and your student are ready for the session and that you have a quiet place to work, free of distractions. You should also be sure that your computer, tablet or mobile device is working properly and that you have a strong internet connection before the lesson starts.

The best online tutors use technology to make lessons more interactive. This may include a shared whiteboard, where both tutor and student can write or draw together; real-time video chat so that you can see each other, and text/code editors that allow students to edit their work in real time.

Depending on the subject, your student and their tutor may wish to record lessons for them to review later. It is worth checking whether the platform you are using allows for this and what other functionality it provides.

Online tutoring allows students to save time, by removing the need to travel to a tuition center. This means they can spend more time studying and focusing on the subject at hand. This will ultimately lead to a better outcome for the student in terms of their studies and examination results.

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