Why Buy a Blue Topaz Ring?

Blue topaz rings are a beautiful and affordable option for those with an active lifestyle. They’re also an excellent alternative to diamond rings.

Often called the writer’s stone, it helps fine-tune your focus and get into the flow of writing. It is also known to enhance communication skills and help with decision-making.

Blue Topaz is a December Birthstone

If you’re looking for a gift idea for the holidays, blue topaz is a beautiful option. This December birthstone symbolizes honesty and a deep emotional attachment.

Sometimes called the writers stone, it encourages honest communication and helps clear the mind of distractions. It also helps Sagittarians direct their thinking into areas of action and entrepreneurship.

This month, Le Vian celebrates this beautiful gem with our Blue Topaz collection. Come in to discover a dazzling array of blue topaz jewelry, including this emerald-cut Deep Sea Blue Topaz ring framed with decadent Chocolate Diamonds.

It’s a November Birthstone

Blue Topaz is a November birthstone and also the traditional gemstone for the 4th wedding anniversary. It is available in a wide range of colors and is found all over the world. Topaz can be colorless, pink, red, brown, and varying shades of yellow. Colored topaz gets its color from chromium atoms.

The other November birthstone is citrine, a transparent yellow to brown-colored variety of quartz. It is known to support willpower and stimulate creativity. Some believe citrine can help ease depression and release fears and phobias.

It’s a January Birthstone

Unlike many months, January has only one primary birthstone. Garnet is the gemstone associated with this month and it’s known to inspire courage, especially in times of stress. It’s also regarded as a karma stone.

Sagittarians tend to think more than they feel, and blue topaz helps them to balance this by encouraging honest communication. It also alleviates headache pain and soothes jaw clenching. It’s also an excellent choice for people with throat ailments. Moreover, it encourages self-control. The calming energy of this stone soothes nerves.

It’s a February Birthstone

Associated with communication and finding the right pathways to success, this gem is known as an excellent stone for overcoming fear of public speaking. It also helps relieve migraines, soothes sore throats, and brings a kiss of luck to the wearer.

Ancient civilizations attributed this gemstone with cooling properties, believing that it could cool boiling water and calm raging tempers. Modern lore links it with love, loyalty and friendship, making it a popular choice for engagement rings. Blue topaz is usually faceted into round, oval or emerald cut gems.

It’s a March Birthstone

Whether you’re a March baby or just enjoy the beauty of blue gemstones, there are many ways to incorporate this storied stone into your life. Leavy recommends using this gem to calm the mind and encourages its wearer to take deep breaths to ease anxiety.

Aquamarine is a light blue-green variety of beryl, which includes famous gemstones like emeralds and morganite. It’s mined in Brazil, Madagascar and Mozambique. Also known as hesperia and blood jasper, this cryptocrystalline quartz is traditionally semi-translucent to opaque and features reddish brown inclusions.

It’s a April Birthstone

If you’re born in December, you’re also blessed with several stone options, all of which have a wintry hue. Helzberg offers an array of blue topaz jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

In ancient Greece, Topaz was heralded as a stone that brought strength to its wearer. The Renaissance also believed that it could break magic spells and soothe anger. In modern times, it has been used to relieve migraines, shift jaw clenching, and soothe sore throats. Its calming properties make it a wonderful gemstone for everyday use.

It’s a May Birthstone

London blue topaz is a variety of the mineral topaz. It has a hardness of eight on the Mohs scale, which makes it harder than quartz but not as hard as rubies, sapphires or diamonds.

Emeralds are the gemstone of May, known for their lush green color that symbolizes wealth and growth. This gemstone is also a favorite for writers, as it encourages clear and thoughtful communication. It can help them balance their logical and emotional sides so that they can create and publish amazing work.

It’s a June Birthstone

Blue topaz is one of the three exquisite gemstones designated as June birthstones, along with pearl and Alexandrite. All of these precious gems carry their own significant history and meaning.

Early in human history, pearls were believed to symbolize purity and protection. Today, this stunning gem is worn as a sign of affection and given to mark the 4th and 19th anniversaries of marriage.

Moonstone is known as a traveler’s stone and helps people navigate life’s emotional peaks and valleys. It is also said to encourage openness and intuition.

It’s a July Birthstone

If you’re a Leo born in July, Blue Topaz is a great stone to encourage wisdom and communication. It also helps alleviate fear and worries so you can find the pathways that lead to success and sweet opportunity.

It’s often called the writers stone as it can help you stay focused and clear from distracting energy. It’s also a great stone for the heart and root chakra to encourage passion and remove energetic blocks.

It can be found throughout the world with Brazil being a major source.

It’s a August Birthstone

Besides blue topaz, December’s birthstones include tanzanite, zircon, and turquoise. It’s believed that Cleopatra’s famous emerald collection was actually composed of peridot, another August birthstone.

Find blue topaz jewelry at Helzberg in a variety of designs, from delicate pendants and rings to eye-catching earrings and bracelets. This stunning gemstone pairs well with a wide range of precious metals, including sterling silver and white gold. Most blue topaz is color-treated, though, so be sure to inquire about the treatment when shopping for blue topaz jewelry. This procedure is safe and nearly permanent.

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