Electronic Analytical Balance Price

An electronic analytical balance price is an essential tool in a lab’s arsenal of precision instruments. This high-precision weighing instrument is designed to reduce sources of error that can impact meticulous weighing processes, making it ideal for applications like density determination and differential weighing. With capacities up to 520 g and readability down to 1 mg, METTLER TOLEDO’s analytical balances meet the needs of many critical lab tasks.

METTLER TOLEDO’s series 12000 analytical balances offer a comprehensive range of features to ensure right-first-time results. Dedicated quality assurance functions, such as StaticDetect, eliminate static charges that may interfere with accurate results. LevelControl and StatusLight actively monitor weighing conditions to help you get the best performance out of your laboratory balance.

Due to their sensitivity, analytical balances should be used in secure areas away from any interference and disturbances, such as air vibrations or breeze, that can cause the slightest variations in weighing results. This is why these high-precision measuring instruments are equipped with draft shields that cover the weighing chamber during a weighing process to prevent these unwanted interferences from affecting your weight results.

The MS-TS series takes METTLER TOLEDO’s already impressive line of analytical balances to the next level, with a large optimized TFT color touchscreen display that can be operated through lab gloves. These highly durable models feature METTLER TOLEDO’s MonoBloc weighing cell and ProFACT automatic internal motorized calibration, along with innovative features such as MinWeigh, which keeps the weight reading red until it reaches a pre-programmed minimum weight value, and a built-in leveling function that guides you to optimally position the weighing chamber.

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