Fertility Clinic Sharjah

The clinic offers a range of fertility treatments. These include Ovulation Induction, PESA, TeSA, IVF, ICSI, Blastocyst culture and transfer, and Egg and Sperm freezing.

The clinic’s treatment methods are top-notch and have good success rates. It also has a great reputation in the UAE. It has many satisfied previous patients.

IVF (In-vitro fertilization) is a medical procedure that allows infertile couples to achieve their dream of having a baby. It’s also a relatively affordable treatment when compared to other assisted reproductive techniques.

IVF is a multi-step process. The first step involves stimulating the ovaries to produce eggs. Then, the eggs are collected and fertilized with sperm in a lab. Once the embryos reach the blastocyst stage, they are transferred to the uterus.

If you want to try IVF, choose a clinic with a good reputation and high success rates. In addition, you should make sure that the clinic is accredited and licensed by the governing body in your country. You should also consider the geographic location of the clinic. Clinics located in metropolitan areas are more likely to charge higher prices. However, there are many ways to make IVF more affordable. For example, you can take advantage of government funding programs. You can also compare prices of various fertility centers to find the best one for you.

IUI is one of the simplest forms of assisted reproductive technology. It uses a man’s semen and is a good option for couples who are having trouble conceiving naturally. During the IUI procedure, the semen is analyzed in a laboratory to separate fast-moving sperm from more sluggish or non-moving sperm. The washed specimen of highly motile sperm is then introduced to the woman’s uterus through a flexible catheter.

This method is often used in conjunction with prescription medications that induce ovulation, and it requires the woman to be sexually active for several weeks before the procedure. It also requires the fallopian tubes to be open.

A sperm analysis is an important part of any fertility treatment. It evaluates three major factors: sperm count, sperm shape, and sperm motility. It can help identify problems that could contribute to infertility. It is a quick and painless test. You can expect slight cramping and discomfort for a short time.

If you have tried everything and are still unable to get pregnant, the best infertility clinic Sharjah can help you. This center offers a wide range of cost-effective treatments and services without compromising on quality. They also provide a pleasant patient experience and a team of dedicated doctors. In addition, they have a comprehensive selection of medical equipment.

Surrogacy is a treatment for women who have medical conditions that prevent them from bearing children. These include recurrent miscarriages, uterine scarring (Asherman’s syndrome), fibroid tumors, or a prior hysterectomy. Surrogates are also used for men with low sperm counts or poor motility.

Before choosing a fertility clinic in Dubai, it is important to understand the process. Each center has a ranking based on the feedback of previous patients. This rating is a good indicator of the clinic’s quality. The higher the ranking, the better. A high rating means that the facility has a great reputation and is committed to making your dream of becoming parents come true.
Egg Donation

In egg donation, a woman donates an oocyte (egg) to another woman who is having difficulty getting pregnant. The procedure is often a part of assisted reproductive technology, or ART. It can help women who have malfunctioning ovaries, who have entered menopause early, or have other fertility issues.

After you agree to be an egg donor, the program will give you numerous medical and genetic tests to ensure that you are healthy enough to donate eggs. You should be able to review these results before you sign the contract, which should also explain the complex procedures involved in egg donation.

Most programs pay egg donors a fixed fee for their participation. Be sure you understand how the program determines this amount and how it will be used. The program should also tell you whether it will report your payment to the Internal Revenue Service and withhold taxes. You may want to ask about talking with an independent counselor who is familiar with these issues.

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