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Despite its reputation as a global city and financial centre, London also has a surprising wealth of outlets for learning German. From beginner evening classes to intensive courses for professionals, you’ll find that there’s a language class to suit any goal and budget.

This course introduces beginners to the German language at a level A1.1 (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). The course is taught in small groups.

Intensive courses

German classes London offer a wide variety of options for students to get the most out of their language journey. These courses are offered according to the Common European Framework of Reference (A1 for beginners and C2 for advanced speakers), making it easy to choose a course that fits your needs and language goals.

Beginner-friendly, these ten-week evening courses are perfect for those taking their first steps in the language. The two-hour classes cover basic vocabulary and essential grammar so that you can communicate with confidence.

Those who want to make quick progress in their language abilities may wish to consider this intensive German course with private lessons. This option includes an additional five or ten lessons per week, so you can focus on your specific weaknesses and quickly improve your skills. This is also a great option for those preparing to take the DSH or TestDaF exam at higher level.


If you’ve a hankering for private German tuition, London offers several options. These can be arranged in the comfort of your own home or at the tutor’s place of business. Alternatively, you can find a native-speaking teacher online, such as the German courses London-based company, Superprof.

Unlike Westminster’s image of musty halls and stern, mortarboard-wearing academics, City Literary Institute is known for its modern spaces and progressive learning. Their German classes are geared towards all learners and focus on real-world conversation.

In the classroom, they discuss a chosen topic, whether it be news stories, podcasts, short fiction, German-speaking TV shows or films. Lessons also include written mind-maps, vocabulary lists and grammar rules that you can take away to practice at your own pace. The teachers are highly qualified and have a track record of helping students pass GCSE, A-Level and Goethe-Institut exams. They can even help you prepare for a business role that requires fluent German.

Group courses

As one of the most widely spoken languages in Europe, German opens up infinite possibilities for work and travel. It is the official language (or one of) in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and is a lingua franca in many parts of France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

With a range of ten-week group evening classes at beginner and intermediate levels, you’ll learn to speak and understand at the same time. You’ll use videos, pictures, audio and text to familiarise yourself with the language. You’ll also practice writing and download important grammar and vocabulary summaries from our learning platform.

Whether you want to communicate with the 95 million native speakers, work or study in German-speaking countries, or explore German culture, this module will help you achieve your goals. By studying the complexities of the language, you’ll develop advanced level linguistic competence and learn how to analyse intercultural issues. You’ll also develop an analytical approach to a language which has changed dramatically since the first mass-produced book was printed in 1454.


There are many opportunities to learn German in London, whether you are polishing your conversational skills for an Oktoberfest in Munich or just learning for the love of the language. There are private tutors, group courses and even online classes to choose from.

If you are not ready for a one-to-one course, you can also take an online evening German class from UCL. These ten-week courses are offered at various levels and are open to everyone.

These online courses follow the communicative approach and offer a fun, interactive learning experience. They use only German for instruction and encourage students to interact with each other in a supportive environment. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, these courses will help you master basic vocabulary and grammar. Kochiva, another language school in London, offers expert trainers who can customize online German classes to your unique needs and goals. This type of flexible learning is especially beneficial for busy professionals.

German courses London

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