How to Find Private Carers Available in Our Area

Private Carers are generally cheaper than using an agency and offer a more flexible option for those seeking long term care. However, it is important to understand the risks involved and what you need to do in order to ensure you find the right carer for your loved one.

Unlike in a care home or residential setting, private caregivers focus on one person, meaning they have undivided attention. This results in better care and comfort for the client.
Personalized Care

Personalization has the potential to transform every touchpoint of the consumer journey — from marketing and enrollment through posthospitalization and plan renewal. It provides a powerful opportunity for health care organizations to create differentiation and deliver better outcomes.

It brings together the expertise, capacity and potential of people, families and communities with that of health and social care, creating better choices, supporting self-care and improving outcomes and experiences. It is one of the major practical changes to the NHS that will be delivered in the new year and is a key part of the NHS Long Term Plan.

Care receivers often have to budget for their care costs and should look at income, savings and property to assess what they can afford to pay each week for a carer. Alternatively, they may be eligible for public funding or benefits – it is worth checking.
Familiarity of Home

The familiarity of home can provide a comforting sense of safety, peace, and security for the elderly. Carers can help to make the transition from home to care facility as smooth and comfortable as possible, ensuring that their older relatives feel at ease and welcome in the new environment. As a result, this can have a positive impact on their health and quality of life. A recent study found that a carer’s familiarity with the local community can enhance this sense of familiarity, and therefore increase the positive outcome of an older relative’s placement. The importance of social capital was also highlighted in this study.
Enhanced Companionship

Loneliness can often occur in the elderly and can have adverse effects on health. Private carers offer a valuable service in helping to combat loneliness. By offering regular interaction and companionship they help to keep the mind and body active.

In addition to this, private cares also assist with everyday tasks like meal preparation, medication reminders and light housework. They also accompany seniors on outings and help with personal grooming.

For individuals living alone, companions can be a great source of emotional support and can encourage them to engage in their favourite hobbies and interests. They can even introduce new ones. In addition, they provide a safe and trusted presence, which can help to reduce the risk of accidents in the home. This is particularly important for elderly individuals living alone.

For some, finding flexible care can be challenging. This may be due to limited availability, a busy schedule, or an unwillingness to let new people into the home.

A flexible care provider can offer a variety of options that meet your family’s needs. These include live-in care, twice weekly shifts at varying times, or three 8-hour shifts for those with more specific care needs.

At Nurse Next Door, we work hard to provide flexible care for our clients. This includes access to backup care services in partnership with Bright Horizons, tuition discounts through Steve & Kate’s, and a flexible spending account that allows employees to set aside pre-tax dollars for childcare costs. This flexibility is key to ensuring that your loved ones receive the care they need when they need it.

If you hire a private carer directly you become their employer and have to operate PAYE, pay National Insurance and statutory sick pay. You must also have Employers’ Liability insurance. This can be expensive and time consuming.

If a problem arises with your carer you must first complain to the agency or council and then the Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman, as advised by Which? Later Life Care. This can add to the stress of dealing with a carer you may not get along with.

A home care agency can save you time and money by screening and recruiting for you. They will guarantee compatibility and provide a backup plan in the event of a carer call-in sick or holiday. Managing your own carer can be very stressful and time consuming.Private Carers available in our area

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