Local Moving Quotes

When hiring movers, make sure to get multiple local moving quotes. Keep in mind, though, that each quote will depend on your specific needs.

The cost of your move will depend on factors like weight, distance, and time. You can reduce your moving costs by donating, selling, or trashing items you no longer use.


Local moving quotes vary, depending on the size of your home and how many movers you need to move everything. The average price for two movers working for four hours is about $424.

You should get at least three different local moving quotes and compare services and prices. Be sure to read the fine print to make sure you are not paying extra charges for items that weren’t included in the estimate. You should also consider the type of estimate you are getting (binding, non-binding, or guaranteed not to exceed).

A trustworthy local moving company will provide an instant ballpark quote based on the information you provide them. This is a good starting point but can change once they have more detailed information about your home and what you plan to move. Keep in mind that prices are higher during peak moving season, when more people are moving at the same time. If you can, try to move during a different time of the year.


It’s a good idea to compare local moving quotes from several companies. This will give you context and help you spot red flags, like a price that’s much higher or lower than the competition offers. It can also help you find a company that provides transparent pricing and service options.

The reputation of a local moving company can have a big impact on your financial situation. It’s important to find a company that is reputable and has a track record of helping customers move. This can be hard to determine without doing extensive research, but you can often tell a lot about a company by reading online reviews.

It’s also a good idea to ask the company for a binding moving quote. This will ensure that the final price won’t change during and after the move. This is especially helpful if you’re on a tight budget or if you want to avoid paying more than necessary for your move.

Insurance and License

There are different licensing requirements for local moving companies depending on your location. Some require a US DOT number while others require state or county licenses. A US DOT number is required to offer interstate moves and ensures that the mover complies with federal safety regulations.

Some moving companies may also offer additional insurance policies for an extra cost. You should read through these policies to understand what they cover and if they are worth it in your situation. If you are worried about your items being damaged in transit, consider a third-party company that offers full-value coverage and check online reviews for previous customers.

You can also save money by choosing a non-peak season for your move. Prices typically increase in spring through late summer and over national holidays. Try to schedule your move during a weekday in fall or winter instead. You will save on the cost of labor and equipment. In addition, you will reduce the amount of time your belongings sit in storage which can add to the overall moving quote.


When it comes to local moving quotes, the pricing can vary depending on your move details and add-ons. For instance, some providers charge an hourly rate while others may include packing services in their quotes. Other factors, such as the type of move and timing, can also impact the cost.

Choosing the right movers can help you save time and money during the relocation process. It’s important to find a company that offers transparent pricing and doesn’t have any hidden fees. It’s also wise to choose a company with a good reputation, such as USDOT licensing and positive reviews.

If you’re a homeowner, you can use iMoving’s free online service to compare local movers and book your move. It uses real customer ratings to prescreen and list licensed and reputable companies near you. Start your search by entering your credentials to get a list of top options. You can also ask friends, family members and neighbors for recommendations.

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