Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales Costume

Throughout the course of the game, Miles will receive additional suits to help him fight crime in Harlem. These new outfits can be viewed in the gallery below.

Inspired by the suit he wears in Into the Spider-Verse, this spray painted and cel-shaded suit gives Miles a cartoony flat look. It also unlocks a Suit Mod and Visor Mod that reduces Miles’ frame rate movements and replaces combat hit effects with comic-based effects.
The Classic Suit

This suit is Miles Morales’ primary, default costume and comes installed with the Zap Slap special power. It features a classic red and black color scheme with a black V-shaped spider insignia on the chest and red outlining throughout the mask area, outer arms, and legs.

Like Peter Parker’s Advanced Suit, this suit can be upgraded with a variety of tech expansions. These include the ability to listen to podcasts from J. Jonah Jameson or Danika Hart, track vapour trails, and more. It also comes with a pair of eye lenses that allow Miles to see enemies through walls and can tag them for easier tracking. The repaired version of this suit can be unlocked by completing the main story mission Something Old, Something New with Otto Octavius.
The Spider-Verse Suit

A new suit that players can unlock by completing every hologram challenge Peter Parker leaves you with in his Roxxon labs and Underground hideouts, this futuristic outfit allows Miles to use extendable legs for special takedowns. It also lets him charge enemies with static electricity he discharges by hitting them, much like the Prowler’s signature move in the movies.

This suit is a reference to the 2023 animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and it offers a stylish cel-shaded look. It costs 18 Activity Tokens and 4 Tech Parts to unlock, and it comes with the gadget mods Vibe the Verse and Bam Pow Wham!

This suit combines elements of the classic comic book style and the anime-style designs of the movie. It also includes a big jagged red spiral across the chest inspired by Knull, the evil eldritch god who created the Symbiote species in the comics.
The Brooklyn Visions Academy Suit

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 features a ton of side missions, and one particular quest chain sees Miles swing by the Brooklyn Visions Academy to assist students. Once players have completed four of the five Brooklyn Visions Academy missions, Hailey will call Miles to tell him that the students would like to thank him with a gift.

The reward for this mission is a Boricua suit, which provides a Puerto Rican take on Peter’s classic Spider-Man costume design. It also comes with a cool mod that lets players shoot energy bolts from the hands of their character.

Players can unlock a second Brooklyn Visions Academy suit later in the game by completing the optional Symbiote Nests scattered around New York City. This is another suit that references Knull, the evil eldritch god that created the Carnage symbiote, and boasts a red spiral across its face.
The Crimson Suit

Insomniac Games has posted a picture of two more suits that can be unlocked in Marvel’s Spider-Man. By completing the Roxxon Lab and Underground Hideout challenges, Miles can unlock this new outfit. It appears to be a reworking of the classic suit and allows for special takedowns that use Miles’ extendable legs.

This new suit is probably inspired by the character Justine Hammer, aka the Crimson Cowl from the Thunderbolts comic book series. It is a high-level armor that features powerful versions of the repulsors and uni-beam, as well as shoulder-mounted missiles and laser spark blasters.

This suit is available once players reach Crafting Level 9 and requires 14 Activity Tokens and 2 Tech Parts to be crafted. It unlocks the Ghost Strike visor mod which allows Miles to perform web-strike takedowns without making any noise.

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After completing all the hologram challenges in Roxxon Labs and Underground Hideouts, Miles will unlock this futuristic suit. The design is a Daft Punk-inspired take on the Prowler, and it also boasts extendable legs for special melee takedowns.

The STRIKE Suit also comes with a cool mod that replenishes the gadget ammo meter when you perform a stealth takedown. It’s a great fit for the game, especially when you start taking on more difficult enemies and crimes.Spider-man Miles Morales Costume

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