Maui Tropical Art

Maui tropical art draws tourists from around the world and provides an opportunity for local artists to express themselves in unique ways. These artworks feature tropical motifs, ancient symbolism and bright colors.

Discover the stunning tropical scenery of a secluded Maui beach in modern aluminum metal prints or timeless archival paper. The swaying palm trees, powdery white sand and traditional Hawaiian canoe make for an inviting scene that instantly transports you to paradise.

Tropical Island Day

Maui Tropical Plantation offers an amazing variety of experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. From learning how to husk a coconut to enjoying an exhilarating zipline ride, this family-friendly adventure is designed with a shared love for everything that makes Hawaii so unique. The Plantation also boasts a number of gift shops, where you can purchase souvenirs to keep your memories of Maui alive long after your return home.

A lullaby of palms rustling in the wind and the dappled glow of an afternoon sun wash over the powdery white sand in this stunning Hawaiian landscape painting transport you to paradise. A traditional Hawaiian canoe rests on the shore, inviting you to relax and enjoy this beautiful setting.

Artist Darice Machel McGuire paints a wide range of Hawaii and California landscape oil paintings for collectors nationally and internationally. Her work is represented in several galleries, including Village Galleries in Lahaina, Kingwell Island Art Gallery in Lahaina and Karen Lie’s Gallery in Kahakuloa. A seasoned traveler, McGuire’s subject matter draws from the awe-inspiring nature that surrounds her daily. Her passion for painting translates into each and every one of her works, whether she’s capturing the breathtaking beauty of a secluded beach or a majestic mountain peak.

Window to Paradise

The enchanting landscapes of Maui are a constant inspiration for local artists. The prestigious Viewpoints Gallery celebrates this artistic legacy with a curated selection of fine art pieces that reflect the culture and natural allure of this stunning island. From evocative oil paintings to intricate sculptures, this cultural treasure trove has something for every art enthusiast and collector.

As the name suggests, this charming gallery serves as a window into the enchanting landscapes of upcountry Maui. From the undersea world of shipwrecks and marine life to the lush, flora-filled forests of the mountains, the captivating artistry of David Miller captures the essence of this hidden frontier.

Whether you’re seeking to enrich your home decor or preserve the memories of your island getaway, the captivating artistry of Makai Glass is sure to take your breath away. Their exquisite glass-blown sculptures evoke the magic and beauty of Hawaii. The name of this enthralling art collective translates to “towards the sea,” reflecting the artists’ undying admiration for Hawaii’s captivating oceans and volcanic formations.

Make a statement in your home with a photo wallpaper like this one from bimago, featuring decoration motifs such as sea, beach, water, parrots and windows. Complete your interior design with a wide range of accessories available in the shop. Installing this photo wallpaper is easy and quick thanks to its interlining.

Tropical Waves

The rolling ocean and crashing waves of Big Beach, Makena, Maui are captured in this painting. It’s a great reminder to “Live Aloha” daily, especially as tropical storm Calvin moves closer to the Hawaiian Islands.

Iconic Hawaii surf artist Heather Hansen’s art is inspired by the preservation of nature and the surfing lifestyle. See her work and learn more.

Clark Little’s photography features crystalline breaking waves, diverse marine life, and mind-blowing aerial images. His latest book, The Art of Waves, features over 150 images.

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