Set Home Screen on Iphone: Customization Tips

Are you tired of the default home screen on your iPhone? Want to make it uniquely yours? Look no further, as we’ve got some fantastic customization tips to help you transform your home screen into a personalized masterpiece.

From changing wallpapers to organizing app icons, and even adding widgets, there are plenty of ways to make your iPhone truly reflect your style and preferences.

So, if you’re ready to give your iPhone a fresh new look, keep reading to discover some exciting customization tips that will take your home screen to the next level.

Choose a Wallpaper

To personalize your iPhone’s home screen, start by choosing a wallpaper that reflects your style and preferences. Your wallpaper is the background image that appears behind all your app icons and widgets. It’s the first thing you see when you unlock your iPhone, so it’s important to choose something that makes you happy and represents who you are.

When selecting a wallpaper, consider the mood you want to create. Do you prefer something calming and serene, like a beautiful landscape or a peaceful beach? Or maybe you’re into bold and vibrant patterns that make a statement. There are countless options available, ranging from nature scenes and abstract designs to minimalist patterns and photos of your loved ones.

To change your wallpaper, go to the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on ‘Wallpaper.’ From there, you can choose a new wallpaper from the pre-installed options or select one from your own photo library. You can even set different wallpapers for your home screen and lock screen.

Rearrange App Icons

You can easily rearrange the app icons on your iPhone’s home screen to create a personalized layout that suits your needs and preferences.

Organizing your apps can make it easier to find and access the ones you use most frequently.

To rearrange app icons, simply press and hold on any app icon until the icons start shaking and a small ‘x’ appears on the top left corner of the icons.

Once the icons are in this edit mode, you can drag and move them around to your desired location.

You can also create folders by dragging one app icon onto another. This allows you to group similar apps together for a more organized home screen.

To exit the edit mode, simply press the home button or swipe up from the bottom of the screen on newer iPhone models.

Create Folders

Now that you’ve rearranged your app icons, it’s time to take your organization to the next level by creating folders on your iPhone’s home screen.

Folder organization tips will help you keep your apps neatly categorized and easily accessible.

Plus, you can customize folder names to make them more intuitive and personalized.

Folder Organization Tips

Organize your iPhone’s home screen effortlessly by creating folders for your apps. Grouping similar apps together in folders makes it easier to find and access them quickly.

To create a folder, simply long-press on an app icon until it starts to wiggle, then drag it onto another app icon. Your iPhone will automatically create a folder with both apps inside. You can then rename the folder by tapping on the text field and entering a new name.

To add more apps to the folder, just drag them onto the folder icon. You can also rearrange the apps within the folder by dragging them around.

Custom Folder Names

Elevate your folder organization on your iPhone by customizing folder names to better suit your needs.

Creating folders is a great way to keep your apps organized, but sometimes the default names may not accurately represent the contents of the folder.

Luckily, you can easily change the names of your folders to make them more descriptive and easier to navigate. To do this, simply tap and hold on the folder you want to rename, then tap on the name field and enter your desired name.

Whether you want to categorize your apps by function, frequency of use, or any other criteria, custom folder names allow you to personalize your iPhone’s home screen and make it more user-friendly.

Customize App Icons

Now it’s time to customize your app icons on your iPhone. You have three points to consider.

Firstly, you can choose different icon sizes to suit your preference.

Secondly, there are various methods to arrange your icons, allowing you to create a personalized layout.

Lastly, you can customize the labels of your app icons to make them more unique and easily identifiable.

Let’s explore these points further to make your home screen truly yours.

Icon Size Options

You can easily customize the size of your app icons on your iPhone. By adjusting the icon size, you can create a personalized and visually appealing home screen layout.

To change the size of your app icons, start by pressing and holding any app icon on your home screen until they start to jiggle. Next, tap on the small ‘Edit Home Screen’ button that appears at the top left corner of the screen. This will enable you to enter the wiggle mode.

From there, you can tap on any app icon and select ‘Edit Home Screen’ to access the icon size options. You’ll then see three size options: default, smaller, and larger. Choose the size that suits your preference and tap ‘Done’ to save your changes.

Enjoy a customized home screen with perfectly sized app icons!

Icon Arrangement Methods

To customize the arrangement of your app icons on your iPhone, there are several methods you can use.

One method is to manually rearrange the icons on your home screen. Simply press and hold an app icon until it starts to jiggle, then drag it to the desired location.

You can also create folders to organize your apps by category. To do this, drag one app icon onto another and a folder will automatically be created.

Another method is to use the ‘Reset Home Screen Layout’ option, which will restore your home screen to its original layout and arrange your apps alphabetically.

Additionally, you can use third-party apps from the App Store that offer more advanced customization options, such as the ability to create custom icon layouts or use widgets on your home screen.

Icon Label Customization

Customizing the labels of your app icons allows you to personalize the appearance of your iPhone’s home screen. With this feature, you can change the name of any app to whatever you prefer.

To customize your icon labels, simply tap and hold on any app icon until it enters the edit mode. Then, tap on the app’s name below the icon and edit it to your liking. You can use emojis, abbreviations, or even create unique names for your apps.

This customization option not only adds a touch of personalization to your device but also helps you organize your apps in a way that makes sense to you.

Add Widgets to the Home Screen

To enhance the functionality and visual appeal of your iPhone home screen, consider adding widgets. Widgets are small, interactive apps that provide quick access to information or perform specific tasks right from your home screen. They can display weather updates, calendar events, news headlines, and much more.

Adding widgets to your home screen is easy. Simply tap and hold on any empty space on your home screen until the apps start jiggling. Then, tap on the ‘+’ button that appears in the top-left corner of the screen. This will open the widget gallery, where you can browse through various widget options.

Once you’ve found a widget you like, tap on it to preview its different sizes and configurations. You can choose from different widget sizes, such as small, medium, or large, depending on your preferences and available space on your home screen. After selecting the desired size, tap on the ‘Add Widget’ button to add it to your home screen.

You can also customize the widgets by tapping and holding on them, then selecting ‘Edit Widget.’ This will allow you to adjust settings and personalize the information displayed.

Utilize App Library

To further optimize your iPhone home screen, make the most of the convenient App Library feature. The App Library is a new addition to iOS 14 that automatically organizes and categorizes your apps, making it easier for you to find what you need. Instead of cluttering your home screen with multiple app icons, the App Library provides a neat and organized way to access all your apps.

To access the App Library, simply swipe right on your home screen until you reach the last page. Here, you’ll find a collection of app categories, such as Suggestions, Recently Added, and Social. Each category contains a folder with relevant apps. For example, the Social category will have folders for apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

To find a specific app in the App Library, you can either scroll through the categories or use the search bar at the top. This makes it incredibly convenient to locate and open any app on your iPhone.

Furthermore, you can even hide app pages from your home screen and rely solely on the App Library. This allows you to reduce clutter and keep your home screen tidy. To hide a page, just tap and hold on any empty space, select the page dots at the bottom, and uncheck the pages you want to hide.

Set Home Screen Layout

You can easily customize the layout of your home screen on your iPhone. With the latest iOS update, Apple has introduced a new feature that allows you to organize your apps in a way that suits your needs.

To set the home screen layout, simply long-press on any app icon until they start to wiggle. You’ll then see a small ‘Edit Home Screen’ button at the top left corner of the screen. Tap on it to enter the edit mode.

From here, you can move the apps around by dragging them to a new position. You can also create app folders by dragging one app on top of another. This is a great way to declutter your home screen and keep your apps organized.

Additionally, you can also hide app pages by swiping left until you reach the App Library screen and tapping on the small dots at the bottom. This will allow you to have a cleaner home screen with only the apps you use frequently.

Take some time to play around with the layout options and find the setup that works best for you.


So, there you have it! With these customization tips, you can make your iPhone home screen truly your own.

From choosing a wallpaper to rearranging app icons and even customizing app icons and adding widgets, there are plenty of ways to personalize your device.

Don’t forget to utilize the App Library for a more organized home screen.

And finally, set your home screen layout to complete the customization process.

Enjoy your personalized iPhone experience!

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