The Jodie by Bottega Veneta

One of the most beloved bags from the Maier era, this sumptuous hobo bag has maintained its allure. It features a seamless round silhouette and zip closure.

Its supple woven leather elevates any outfit and it’s perfect for evening outings. It’s available in multiple colors and is sure to keep you on-trend.
Intrecciato Weave

Using a technique that requires three years of training to master, Bottega Veneta artisans weave thin strips of leather together to create intricate patterns. This weaving method is both durable and visually stunning.

The woven look is also a signature feature of many of the label’s iconic bags. From the coveted Knot Clutch to the textured deerskin Padded Cassette crossbody, this signature textile is used on bags in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Daniel Lee took the intrecciato pattern in a new direction when he replaced Tomas Maier in 2018. He playfully oversized the weave on designs such as the Pouch Oversized clutch and mini pouch.
Intrecciato Pouch Bag

When it comes to Bottega Veneta bags, this style stands out among the crowd. Its sculptural handle, inspired by the head of a sardine, is instantly recognizable and looks extra glamorous when tucked under your arm. The Pouch also offers a soft strap for transforming it into an under-the-shoulder hobo bag. The bag was a hit upon debuting at the 2023 runway and according to Rebag’s Clair Report, it retains its value if you ever decide to sell it.

Daniel Lee’s first contribution to Bottega Veneta’s handbag oeuvre is an oversized frame clutch that’s been taking the fashion world by storm. The Pouch encapsulates everything the brand is bringing to ‘New Bottega Veneta’ with its artful and practical approach to modern luxury.
Jodie Bag

With a bag like the Jodie, Bottega Veneta demonstrates the enduring appeal of its woven aesthetic. While other fashion houses rely on logo-heavy branding to get their point across, the Italian label is known for its discreet, quality-driven designs—an ethos that both current creative director Matthieu Blazy and his predecessor Daniel Lee have carried forward.

The Jodie, along with its pastry-like sisters the Casette and Pouch, embodies this philosophy—stealth luxury that celebrates idiosyncratic shapes. It’s a chic, delectable accessory that’s been spotted on the arms of many a fashionable Instagrammer. Jodie bags come in various sizes, including the Mini that’s perfect for holding a phone and lipstick and the Teen version that holds just enough for an everyday outing.
Cassette Bag

It feels like ages ago that Daniel Lee’s debut collection launched Bottega Veneta into the hottest accessories brand around. Lee’s ability to craft edgy yet classic designs without the use of logos blew the fashion world away, and he made the Padded Cassette bag his signature.

This season, the house is back with a refreshed version of the bag that increases the proportions of its intrecciato weave. It’s crafted from a new leather technique called foulard, which adds volume and movement to the paper calf leather strips.

This is the perfect bag to carry your everyday essentials. Victoria Beckham is a fan, Hailey Bieber opts for the black version with gold chain, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wears hers with a denim shirt.
Lido Sandals

While some bags garner instant adulation—like the Hermes Birkin or Chanel 2.55—others are quietly beloved for their refined, under-the-radar appeal. Such is the case with the Bottega Veneta Lido sandals, a summer staple seen on the feet of influencers and editors alike.

One of Lee’s first contributions to the label’s designer bag oeuvre, this oversized pouch boasts supple woven calfskin that folds and gathers like a dumpling. The simple, straightforward accessory ascended to It bag status, and countless iterations were soon born, including chain and bucket bag versions.

A new iteration, in khaki green, has already made its mark. We predict it will be a coveted item as we move into 2021.
Jodie Shoe

Simple, timeless designs and artful sophistication define Bottega Veneta bags. The brand is a favorite among celebrities, who adore its Intrecciato weave and sleek silhouettes. Shop Neiman Marcus for a wide selection of Bottega Veneta purses.

The Sardine bag is the piece that launched current creative director Matthieu Blazy’s era of Bottega Veneta. It debuted on the Fall/Winter 2022 runway and was instantly coveted. Its curved handle takes the shape of a gilt, yes, sardine fish.

Designed for busy mothers, the Jodie shoe delivers the look of a sneaker with an anatomical fit for comfort and support. Its genuine leather upper is crafted with gently rounded edges and is treated inside with odor-fighting linings.

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