The Socks Factory

Socks may seem like ordinary items, but there’s a lot that goes into making them. From knitting the fabric to carefully designing socks and sewing them, the manufacturing process requires care and attention to detail.

To ensure that your custom socks meet your specifications, prepare detailed design specifications and communicate them to the manufacturer. You should also confirm the manufacturer’s MOQs before placing your order.
Fox River Socks

The manufacturing process at Fox River Socks is a harmonious interplay of technology and time-honored craftsmanship. The result is a sock that goes beyond a mere foot covering and cradles your feet in comfort. The brand’s commitment to quality and precision is evident in the rigorous testing procedures that are integral to the production of each sock.

Fox River Socks’ commitment to ethical manufacturing practices includes ensuring that workers are treated fairly and receive the respect that they deserve. The company also uses environmentally responsible materials and processes in all of its production facilities.

With a focus on innovation, the company has paved the way for new standards in the hosiery industry. From the introduction of moisture wicking technology to creating styles that are designed for specific outdoor activities, Fox River has proven itself to be a leader in the space. The company also strives to remain U.S. made, which is an increasingly rare feature in today’s fast-paced and globalized economy.
The Sock Factory

The company was established in 1975 with one dye tube, one boarding machine and a single boiler. The company specializes in high-performance socks for athletes and outdoors enthusiasts, including hikers, climbers, mountain bikers and runners. Their socks are moisture-wicking, odor-absorbing and have graduated compression and arch support. They also feature a wide variety of colors and patterns.

The factory has a number of certifications for quality and social responsibility. It also recycles all of its manufacturing waste. Its employees are as dedicated to the company as its products.

The company produces socks in the USA for many well-known national and international brands. They use wool, which is natural, eco-friendly, and renewable. They are a member of the Conservation Alliance, which supports outdoor recreation and land preservation. They are a family-owned and operated business that has been making socks for three generations. Their customers include Smartwool, Feetures, Allbirds, and Harriss & Covington. They have also partnered with a number of major brands to make custom socks for their clients.
Gelal Socks

Gelal Socks is a Turkish manufacturer of socks that has been in business for over 40 years. The company has a variety of high-quality products, including athletic socks, everyday dress socks, and cotton socks. The company also produces special socks for diabetics and people with sensitive feet.

It is a family-owned company that is dedicated to quality and service. Its factories produce socks for major brands and retailers throughout Europe and Asia. The company has 11 manufacturing plants in Europe, and all of its products are certified by OEKO-TEX standards.

The factory has a highly flexible business model, allowing them to meet the needs of their clients. In addition to making socks, the company also produces other textiles, such as underwear and clothing. The company uses advanced machinery and has a staff of experienced technicians. In addition, it has an excellent reputation for customer service and a commitment to social responsibility. The company also works with a wide range of yarns.
Calze BC

Since 1960, Calze BC has developed its products in Castel Goffredo (Mantova), the Italian hosiery capital. The company uses a completely integrated production system and has a strategically-managed quality control at all stages of manufacturing.

The company focuses on automation and the personalisation of products. The product range is from children tights to women’s pantyhose in special sizes and shapes. The firm’s brands include Jolie Folie for women and Aquilone for children.

The company’s 1177 branded socks are made with advanced Aquafil thermoregulation and moisture management yarns and are designed to withstand 50 washes. This is more than double the average lifespan of a pair of cotton socks. The brand’s owner, Massimo Bensi, says the curvy market needs customised products with different fit and a higher degree of comfort. This is what he intends to achieve with his new product, Personal Size. The personalised hosiery range is being trialled in the Italian market and should be available worldwide soon.socks factory

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