Video Editor React Native

Video editor react native is a library that empowers your React app with multiple features such as filters, stickers, overlays and frames. It also allows you to implement a headless API powering all video operations.

Moreover, React Native is based on JavaScript which makes it possible to build iOS and Android apps with one codebase. This saves developers a lot of time and money.


Video apps have become a popular way of communicating with loved ones, boosting personal brands, working, studying, and even seeing doctors. App developers have a wide range of tools for implementing video apps in React Native.

One of the most important features is the ability to edit videos efficiently. This includes cutting and resizing the beginning and end of a clip, adding effects, trimming the duration, and more.

Another feature is the possibility to compress videos. This can help save space on the device and improve its performance.

React Native offers a wide array of SDKs that empower developers with all the necessary features and functions. These SDKs make the process of developing a video editing app less complicated and time-consuming. In addition, they can save developers money and resources. They can also make a video editing app more competitive in the market. Moreover, they allow users to add new features and update it as soon as they are aware of them.


React native is an open-source framework developed by Facebook for developing cross-platform mobile apps using one codebase. It offers native performance & user experience to developers and has been used by many large brands such as Instagram, Salesforce, and Tesla.

Developing a video editing app requires a lot of effort and time. It can involve defining the right features, finding a good functionality, integrating it and maintaining it for years.

It should also support scalable audio volume levels to ensure that users can edit the videos with a high quality and fidelity. Moreover, automation of audio while detecting voice should be provided as well.

In addition, it should offer third-party integrations for DRM, ad insertion and analytics solutions. These integrations accelerate go-live and reduce maintenance costs, and enable Javascript development.


Video editing is a great feature to add to your React Native app. However, integrating and customizing such functionality can be challenging.

Thankfully, Banuba AI has a powerful video editor SDK that solves most of your issues. It includes all of the core React Native video processing features like trimming and music editing, as well as AR filters and effects on par with TikTok and Snapchat.

You can use it to create short clips, slideshows and animated stories. It also supports all the popular React Native libraries and is built with native technologies.

To install it, add the react-native-videoeditorsdk package to your npm list and clone it. Next, create a new group called RNVideoProcessing in your Xcode project.


The React Native video editor is a modern and easy-to-use video player with an excellent feature set. It comes with a variety of controls and settings that allow users to change brightness and volume, watch RTMP and HLS live streaming, and select the cover art.

It also offers the ability to playback videos from Cloudinary, and it allows for video resizing, editing, and trimming. It is compatible with a wide range of video platforms, including Android and iOS.

React Native is a JavaScript library that lets you build user interfaces for many platforms. It can be used to create new apps from scratch, or used to enhance existing Android and iOS applications.

React Native is a platform-specific library that provides an abstraction layer between your app’s native UI and the React language. It allows you to easily use a single codebase across multiple platforms, and makes it easier for your team to maintain all of them.

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