what is magick

Too many people today, think magick is all about material items. “I want a love spell, a money spell, a better life spell” well guess what… unless you have developed the mental capacity to understand how a spell like that works, It will very seldom work. It requires so much thought and energy, so much consideration and adept knowledge, that by the time you attain the level to perform such magick successfully on a regular basis you will realize… it’s not magick at all that is all mind games that you do, to either advance you further or hinder yourself from moving on. Material magick is nothing more than an illusion that we have been chasing for millennia, the philosophers stone… fountain of youth. All “Magickal” ways to obtain material and earthly goals, upon deeper study you will realize that these ideas and theories were passed down in code and secrecy that only the true adepts have known.

Just because you created all your magick tools and scribed all the sigils in perfect metals doesn’t mean that the conjured spirit will show. Lord knows I’ve spent countless hours in front of a dark scyring glass to find nothing but my own reflection with a puzzled look. This is an art a skill that must be taken up honorably diligently and respectfully. The power you will harness after training your mind, body and soul will be beyond the need of worldly possessions. So my word of advice, if you’re into magick because you are poor, sick, sad, lonely or mentally unstable leave now before you hurt yourself or others more.

What is Magick about then?

Magick is indefinable; the true word has to broad of a meaning to define. Aleister Crowley once said “the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with the will”.

Break down Mr. Crowley’s words:

“The Science and Art”  Black magick has both an empirical methodology behind it as well as being adaptable to the inherit energies, needs and desires of the magician. Everyone has their own energy and power and must practice and experiment to find out how to manipulate the energy to be used in magick; this is done by a systematic approach and scientific observation.

“Causing Chang to Occur” spiritual, mental or material? How about all three! Magick manipulates the energy surrounding your “world” your sphere of observation and your perception of that existence. When you learn about magick, you will discover that the changes trickle down from the astral realms, through the subconscious into the conscious and projected out in your perception of the world. You have to start on an energy level to form whatever your goal is. (If I try to further describe this I run the risk of confusing you; everyone must learn to understand this in their own mind).

“In conformity with will” Oh yes! The Free will. We all have an independent and free will, unless our marriages really poor…. If we think about something happening, we are in essence willing it to happen in the simplest sense of the term. Our free will is what sets everything in magick, into motion to create the change. The knowledge of the energies the tools and sigils and cryptic languages possess all help build the power the magician has, until the energy is great enough to start manifesting results.

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