Cache Level 3 Courses

Working with children and watching them grow can be a very rewarding experience. However, it is a highly challenging job that requires a lot of knowledge and skills to do well.

The NCFE CACHE Level 3 course is designed to help you pursue your passion for childcare and education while studying at home on your own schedule. It is a fully accredited UK qualification that will allow you to work as a teaching assistant.

Child Development

Child development is a continuous process that occurs throughout a person’s life. It is a combination of biological and environmental influences that shape an individual’s physical and psychological health. It also determines their personality, intelligence and behaviour. Child development is a vital part of every human’s life and can be a contributing factor to mental health in adulthood.

The Cache level 3 course on child development is designed to educate students on various topics relating to the developmental stages of children from conception to seven years of age. This will give the students a better understanding of the physical and mental growth of children as well as the methodologies used in inculcating good habits in them. The course also covers topics on how to care for children with special needs.

This qualification is ideal for learners who wish to build a knowledge base and gain an internationally recognised childcare and education qualification. It will prepare learners for progression to the NCFE CACHE Level 3 Diploma for the Early Years Workforce which grants practitioner status as an Early Years Educator. This course is fully online and does not require the student to be working within a child care or educational environment to complete it.

On completion of this course, you will receive a certificate from CACHE which is accredited by the UK Quality Assurance Agency (Ofqual). This will allow you to apply for jobs that request the qualification and show it off your CV. You will also become a member of CACHE Alumni which offers professional support to practitioners and learners.

Health and Safety

Taking a course in health and safety is a key step for anyone looking to work in the care or education sector. Cache level 3 courses will provide you with the relevant skills and knowledge that are required to be able to work in a specific job role, as well as giving you the confidence to move forward with your career.

For example, the OTHM Level 3 Technical Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety will give you an insight into the health and safety practices within a working environment. It covers a wide range of topics including: Hazardous Substances- the law; the hierarchy of control measures; PPE; ill health effects; training; risk assessment and monitoring. Manual Handling- employer responsibilities; the dangers of lifting and moving objects; the importance of PPE; manual handling equipment; risks and controls; employee welfare and emergency procedures; positive health and safety culture.

There are many different Cache level 3 courses that are available, depending on your area of interest and preferred study method. Reed Courses advertise a number of free online CACHE courses, as well as plenty of paid for ones. Many of these are offered by NCFE, which is a national awarding organisation that specialises in designing and certificating diverse, nationally recognised qualifications and awards. These help millions of learners of all ages and abilities to progress their careers.

Learning Theories

Learning theories help instructors understand how people learn. They offer a framework to guide teachers and provide them with strategies that best connect with students. Theories of learning are based on careful observation and experimentation. However, the human brain is complex and there is no one theory that is completely accurate. Some theories have been criticised and others go in and out of favour, but they all help to explain how learning occurs.

As a result, a CACHE qualification is a highly sought-after credential that can be used in a wide variety of sectors, including childcare, education, health and social care, and even counselling. There are several different ways to study for a CACHE qualification, including distance learning. This allows students to complete their course at a time and place that suits them, ensuring they can fit it into their busy lives without having to sacrifice anything.

For example, if you are looking to gain a CACHE Level 3 qualification in Childcare and Education, then you can take the course online through Reed Courses. These courses will give you the knowledge and skills required to work with children in a nursery, primary school, or after-school club. The course also requires you to take part in a work placement, so that you can put your new knowledge and skills into practice in the real world.


The assessment process for Cache level 3 courses is often divided into two parts: a portfolio and an exam. The former includes a variety of assignments and tasks, while the latter involves a multiple-choice question test. The assessments are designed to evaluate learners’ ability to apply their knowledge to real-world situations.

The Cache level 3 course teaches students how to understand child development from conception to seven years of age. In addition, it teaches them how to promote the child’s physical and emotional well-being. It also teaches them how to create an educational environment that meets the needs of each child.

This course is accredited by the NCFE CACHE (Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education). It is a nationally recognised qualification that equips learners to work in a childcare setting. The course will take around 12-18 months to complete, depending on your circumstances and how much time you want to put into your studies.

The qualification will help you find employment in the care and education sector or progress to higher levels of study, such as a foundation degree or diploma. It will also help you improve the lives of people and develop a strong workforce. Health and education are vital to the success of any country, and by taking these courses you’ll be helping to improve them.

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