EUHOMY 12 Volt Camper Refrigerator Review

This fridge is simple to install and runs on 12V DC power so you can plug it directly into your RV without an inverter. It can also be used with LP gas.

RV refrigerators can take a long time to get to the right temperature so it’s important that air moves easily from the access area into the fridge. Also check the seals regularly to prevent leaks.
1. Linsion RV Refrigerator

When it comes to camper fridges, you want one that can stand up to the rigours of travel. The best RV fridges are designed to absorb shocks and vibrations, so they can keep on cooling when you’re in motion. They also have enough storage space to hold a range of food and drinks.

Some RV refrigerators are designed to be both insulated and energy-efficient. These fridges use less propane than other types of RV refrigerators, and they can help you save money on fuel costs.

To get the most life out of your RV refrigerator, it’s important to maintain it properly. This means ensuring that the fridge is level (if you have an absorption refrigerator), defrosted regularly, and cleaned of ice buildup. You can also improve your RV refrigerator’s performance by installing a fridge fan and keeping the doors shut as much as possible (opening the door forces the fridge to work harder to stay cool). It’s also a good idea to turn the fridge on the night before you plan to use it.
2. Thermador RV Refrigerator

This brand of RV refrigerators offers a more home-like experience in the kitchen. These 12-volt compressor fridges are strictly electric, so they don’t require ventilation or pose the same fire hazard that propane absorption refrigerators do. Plus, they typically cool very well & consistently (meaning your ice cream won’t melt as quickly).

They are also more power-conservative than propane fridges since less cold air is lost when you open the door. They have a smaller footprint than absorption fridges too, so they offer more interior storage space.

These refrigerators can be powered by either LP gas or DC power from the house batteries. They are a great option for those who plan on boondocking and replenishing their power with solar energy. They also have a carbon air filter to mitigate food odors, a touch control panel with multiple settings, and SoftClose drawers/bins. These fridges are offered in both side-by-side & bottom freezer models. The latter is especially good at space flexibility and has a reversible door hinge design.
3. Bodega RV Refrigerator

The EUHOMY 12 Volt Refrigerator offers a versatile storage solution that enhances your camping, travel, and vanlife experience. It provides fast and efficient cooling, low energy consumption, quiet operation, and battery protection.

This portable fridge also features a reversible door that allows you to open it from either side of your vehicle. It has an LED panel that makes it easy to set the temperature and lock the controls. The refrigerator is shockproof and has a noise reduction design.

You can use this fridge as a cooler, refrigerator, or freezer, and it can be adjusted from -4 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit. It uses advanced compressor technology to provide energy-efficient cooling. Its compact size makes it ideal for RV, van, or bus installation. The fridge also has a display that shows the temperature, voltage, and battery level. It can also be controlled using a mobile app.
4. Coleman RV Refrigerator

If you don’t want to spend too much money on your new camper refrigerator, Coleman fridges are pretty cheap. They’re also designed to withstand the bumps and bounces of traveling and camping, unlike residential fridges which may not hold up to mobile use.

If your Coleman RV Refrigerator has a problem, you should first smell for ammonia and check the boiler and absorber. If they are hot, it means that cooling liquid is leaking and the fridge needs to be serviced.

You can find RV fridges that run on either AC power (shore or generator) or propane gas. Some are even hybrid, allowing you to have the best of both worlds! It’s important to measure your van entryway before purchasing a new RV refrigerator, or replacing one. Make sure the fridge will fit through the door and that you can easily access the propane and electric controls. Keep up with routine maintenance, and you’ll have a great camper fridge for years to come.

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