Shirt Cut Meme

Shirt cut meme is a series of exploitable fan art that first gained popularity in June 2021. It involves characters wearing five types of clothing that partially expose their breasts. These clothes have labels like side boob, inner side boob, boob window, under boob, and free space.

The template was posted on Twitter by @druzsea, and people began to design their own raunchy characters. The trend lasted for the rest of 2021, and it seems to have returned in 2022, especially on TikTok.
Scallop Tee

The scallop tee is a style of shirt that was designed to be worn. Unlike baggy white tees that are often unattractive and look like they’re being worn off the rack, a scallop tee fits close to the body creating a sleek silhouette. It can be worn alone or as part of a layering outfit.

Its name comes from the curved hemline that is cut on this style of tee. Unlike standard t-shirts that have straight hemlines, the scallop tee has a curved hemline which hangs free. It can be tucked into pants or jeans to create a stylish high-end street look.

The tee is also popular amongst athletes as it can be worn while doing sports and exercises. It can accentuate your biceps and chest and help you get the perfect muscular physique that you want. It is also lightweight, comfortable and durable. The fabric is a blend of cotton and polyester so you won’t feel uncomfortable while wearing it.
Shirt Cut

New memes are popping up on Twitter and other social media platforms all the time, but some remain popular for a long period of time. These include Disaster Girl, Distracted Boyfriend, and Woman Yelling at Cat. However, a new meme has been taking over the Internet this week – Shirt Cut. This meme focuses on female boobs and is usually used to send messages that are offensive or sexual in nature.

This meme was created in June 2021 and gained traction after being shared on Twitter by @druzsea. The template was blank, and internet users were encouraged to draw their own raunchy characters. The first panel was labelled ‘side boob’, followed by inner side boob, boob window, under boob, and free space.

The meme gained popularity and resurfaced again in 2022, especially on TikTok. Videos with the tag have reached over 42.1 million views to date. This is a highly exploitable meme and should be avoided by anyone who wants to maintain their online reputation.
Six Fanarts

There is a cool new art challenge that is taking social media by storm called Six Fanarts. It was created by Melissa Capriglione. She posts a template and asks people to suggest characters she should draw in the squares. Some artists draw directly on the template, while others paste in their own fanart into the squares. She also asks that people credit her, but it’s not required. She posted a disclaimer here: Six Fanarts Challenge.

When you see the NSFW tag slapped on a meme or article, it’s like the digital world’s yellow caution tape. It’s a heads-up that you’re about to click on something that might make your grandma blush or get you a side-eye from your boss.

NSFW can encompass all sorts of content, from explicit language to nudity, violence and even food. But the most common interpretation of this acronym is that it is not safe for work.

This is especially true on social media, where people are more willing to express themselves with controversial or disturbing content. For example, you can easily find NSFW GIFs of people grimacing in disgust, shaking their heads or hiding their faces. NSFW is also used to describe images of sexualized female bodies and male (homo)sexuality, which can be particularly triggering for some people.

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