Top 5 1st Anniversary Gifts

A self-operating vacuum might not be the most romantic first anniversary gift, but it’s a practical one. Newlyweds will appreciate this item that they can put to use throughout their home.

A rose is a traditional wedding anniversary gift, but this unique version is covered in 24-karat gold for an ultra-romantic present. It also makes a lovely centerpiece.

Your one-year anniversary is a special milestone, and the right gift will help you mark it. From traditional first-anniversary paper gifts to modern clocks, these personalized options will show your loved one how much you care.

The traditional gift for the first year is a paper anniversary, and this framed origami art is a gorgeous way to commemorate the occasion. You can customize it with your names, wedding date and a sweet message for a unique keepsake they’ll treasure.

A chocolate gift basket is always appreciated, especially this selection from GODIVA. With a variety of flavors, presentation options and convenient delivery options, this is a perfect gift for your wife, husband, girlfriend or partner.
Food Tours

If your partner loves food and travel, a guided food tour is an excellent one-year anniversary gift. These tours offer a unique opportunity to explore a new city while sampling its culinary culture.

You can find many different types of food tours, from ethnic eats explorations to sweet tooth adventures. Some food tours even include cultural insights to enhance the culinary experience.

Another great feature of private food tours is that they often accommodate dietary restrictions. That means your partner can enjoy their favorite treats without compromising on health. This is an important aspect of a foodie’s enjoyment! You can also opt for a mini golf date, which is an adorable way to spend time with your loved one.

After a year of love and laughter your newlyweds may be ready to start planning their next adventures. This unique, personalized travel map lets them mark off all the places they’ve visited together and inspire them to dream up some new destinations to check off the list.

Paper-themed gifts are traditional for the one-year anniversary, but they don’t have to be literal. This framed paper art lets them display their names and wedding date, plus it has an adorable nod to the first anniversary color (yellow).

Self-operating vacuums are a big hit on many couples’ wish lists and make a fun, practical, and modern gift for a newlywed couple. This iRobot model comes in a range of colors to match their decor.
Digital Photo Frame

If you want to go big on your first anniversary, this sweet photo frame is a beautiful option. It comes in a manila or black box with a personalised outer sleeve. Experts say it’s a perfect alternative to a picture album and makes for an out-of-the-box wall art gift.

Alternatively, try this photo clock that counts down the years, months, days, hours and minutes since your wedding day. It also plays a couple’s favorite song at the push of a button.

If your partner loves superheroes, this personalized comic book is a fun way to show them how much you care. Just upload 19 pictures and they’ll be displayed in a creative story.

If you’re shopping for your loved one, go beyond the traditional first anniversary gifts and pick something unique that reflects their personality. For example, if they love to travel, this personalized travel stub diary is the perfect way to preserve memories of their adventures together.

This modern take on a traditional gift also incorporates the one-year anniversary theme of clocks. Whether it’s displayed in their home or in a closet, they’ll always know you were thinking of them.
Tennis Bracelet

Expert Take:
While flowers are typically reserved for the 4th anniversary, they can still make a great gift option for your one-and-only. This paper rose is a creative alternative that can be personalised with words of your choosing like wedding vows, lyrics to their favourite song or a love letter.

The diamond tennis bracelet actually got its name in 1987 when pro tennis player Chris Evert misplaced her prized jewel while playing at the U.S. Open tournament. This sleek style of bracelet features a continuous line of diamonds on a precious metal chain.

If they recently moved into their forever home, a custom illustration of their house is the perfect way to celebrate. Choose from a variety of print and frame options to create a truly personalized present.1st Anniversary Gifts

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